NB: There are blankets and pillows in all rooms and cabins, but linen/sheets must be brought or rented here. Price is 95,-kr pr person, towels included. 

It is not possible to make a reservation for motorhomes, caravans or tents, except for larger groups. But we have many pitches and many electrical outlets, and its very rare that there`s no pitches available. Welcome! 


5 Big cabins (50 m2) with equipped kitchen for 7 persons, refrigerator and a mini stove. 2 bedrooms with bunk-beds. 6 beds total where one of them are queen-size. Shower/wc and a nice terrace facing the river. See pictures.
1150, - NOK

The "Taxi" Cabin (50 m2), with 7 bedspaces. 2 bedrooms with bunk beds where one is queen-size, and a bunk bed in the living room. Equipped kitchen for 7 persons with refrigerator and a normal size stove. Shower/wc. TV and WiFi
1150, - NOK

7 Cabins (19-25 m2), with 2 rooms and 4 beds. Kitchen with refrigerator, nice terrace. Running water for cooking and washing. There is no shower and toilet, but a short distance to the servicebuilding.
725, - NOK

2 Cabins (19-25 m2) with 2 rooms and 4 beds. Kitchen with refrigerator. Nice terrace. No running water. Close to servicebuilding.
625, - NOK

4 Cabins (16 m2) with 4 beds, equipped kitchen for 4 persons and refrigerator. Terrace with tables and chairs outside. No running water. Close to servicebuilding.
575, - NOK

The charming Mini Cabin (8 m2) 2 beds, equipped kitchen for 2 persons with a mini refrigerator. Terrace with tables and chairs outside. No running water. Close to servicebuilding.
500, - NOK

The Apartment. With living room and kitchen, bedroom with doublebed, shower/wc. Tv/WiFi. Suitable for 2 people, but there is a sofa that can be made to a doublebed and pillows and blankets for 4 persons. Its also possible to put in a ekstra bed.
950, - NOK

Room 6.  Shower/wc, equipped kitchen for 6 persons with refrigerator. 6 beds. Tv and WiFi
800, - NOK

Room 7., Shower/wc, equipped kitchen with refrigerator. 4 beds. Tv and WiFi.
750, - NOK

Room 8.  2 beds, no kitchen, no running water. Has a refrigerator and waterboiler. WiFi. Close to servicebuilding.
500, - NOK


Prices for carvans, motorhomes and tents, pluss other services.


Caravan / Motorhome  (1 person is included pr car)
Person fee - over 12 years
Washing machine
Car / Mc Parking
Bed Sheets, towels included


230 NOK pr.night
300 NOK pr.night
175 NOK pr.night
20 NOK   pr.night
15 NOK (5 min)
45 NOK (45 min)
45 NOK (30 min)
25 NOK pr. døgn
45 NOK pr. døgn
95 NOK pr. sett


Price example: 1 night with motorhome or caravan with 2 adults and electricity = 230+20+45 = 295,-kr total

Price example: 1 night with tent, car and 2 adults = 175+20+25 = 220,-kr total